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Nimagna App update: Multi-camera shows with automatic shot switching

An update to Nimagna for Windows beta has been released today with revolutionary features to make your video messages even more captivating and unforgettable.

You can choose how you appear on video

With our newest version you can stand-up in front of your camera and give a stage-like presentation. Or, show your entire upper body to achieve more impact on video through visible gestures and added body language. Nimagna can be used from home or the office without the need of fancy equipment or a green screen.

You can now pre-select your camera framing such that the Nimagna app director prepares an even better setup for you. Deliver dynamic and captivating video shows with added depth, dynamism and emotion.

Use two cameras to create engaging and lively shows

With this release, we're enabling two cameras in Nimagna. You can use a second camera to increase the wow-effect of your video and catch the participant's attention. We recommend adding another webcam or simply using your mobile device.

The Nimagna app will deliver an even more dynamic show by automatically switching between the different cameras based on which camera you are looking at. You and your content will now always be in perfect focus.

In-app updates

From now on you will receive in-app updates from us, no hassle for you to download our latest version anymore. You will have to register once and you’ll be constantly up-to-date.

Nimagna helps you to be an even better storyteller. You will inspire your audience and reach their hearts. Nimagna makes it easy to produce stunning TV-like experiences for streaming, conferencing, virtual events, pitches, online lessons and product presentations.

Experience Nimagna yourself, simply download the app. We invite you to beta-test Nimagna for Windows and check out our new features.

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