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Hello, Mac: Step into the future of video communication with Nimagna for Mac

Today, we are very excited to announce that Nimagna for Mac Beta is available. Take center stage in stunning online presentations, engaging online trainings, and captivating webinars. Let Nimagna handle the rest.

Nimagna is revolutionizing video communication by converting regular online videos into captivating and immersive experiences. Our AI-powered software for autonomous professional video production is specifically tailored for online presentations, trainings, town halls, and webinars.

We understand the importance of capturing the essence of human interaction in the digital realm, which is why our software is meticulously crafted to recreate authentic and dynamic communication experiences in the digital world.

Nimagna for Mac: Optimized for Apple Silicon chips

Nimagna for Mac takes full advantage of the new Apple Silicon chips and Apple’s Neural Engine to power Nimagna’s TV studio in a pocket. Intel-based Macs are also supported, but with some compromises on performance and quality.

With Nimagna's AI Director, you no longer need to worry about complex setups or expensive production equipment. Our app takes care of all the technical aspects, allowing you to focus solely on your content and your presentation. Simply use your webcam, and Nimagna will bring your presentation to life, placing you on a dynamic, three-dimensional virtual stage.

Seamless multi-camera experience with Continuity Camera

Nimagna for Mac supports Continuity Camera allowing you to use your iPhone as a secondary camera within the Nimagna App. A fully autonomous, multi-camera professional video production is therefore at your fingertips with the equipment you already have. The AI Director performs cinematic camera and shot switches with automatic framing, dynamically focusing on the right content.

Take center stage in your video communication

Gone are the days in video communication when you were reduced to just faces in little squares. Nimagna puts you at the center of the video, capturing your body language and expressions in a way that truly reflects your natural communication style. By delivering immersive experiences, we enhance engagement and interaction depth in video communication, ensuring that your message resonates with your audience.

Join us on this transformative journey as we reimagine how we communicate through video. Experience the power of Nimagna in enhancing digital interactions and unlocking the full potential of human connection in the digital world.

Get started with Nimagna today and see the difference it can make in your video communication.

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John Alvarez
2023년 8월 27일

Hello! Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac and will not be able to use this program for communication. Maybe you can create a similar video, but for Windows users? And you can upload this video not only to your blog, but also to other sites, or drop it personally by mail. But for this you will most likely have to change the format of your new video. Here are several ways to convert video.

Looking forward to your new video and presentation!

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