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Major Nimagna App update for 2024

We’re very excited about the new major feature update of Nimagna bringing a completely new UI with a lot of usability improvements, new features, reduced performance requirements, and a new virtual camera for macOS.

This new version comes with a completely new user interface with a modern look and a lot of configuration options to tune your show. We also focused on laptop usage and optimized the performance requirements to have a smooth experience also on portable devices. And besides a lot of other new features, we have implemented a new virtual camera for macOS to support native Apple products.

The new user interface

We've given Nimagna a completely new look and improved usability so you can tell your story as easily as possible while enjoying a high degree of flexibility.

Nimagna now comes with a dark and light theme, easily accessible content adding tools, customization options to indicate the style of the show to the Nimagna director, a simplified camera configuration, and much more.

Just watch this quick introduction by our CTO:

Easily add your content and create your story

Easily add presentations, videos, images, screen captures, or additional cameras. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop a file directly into the storyboard.

At the bottom of the application, you find the storyboard of your current show:

The Nimagna App storyboard
The storyboard shows all your content and lets you define your story line.

You can rearrange the storyboard items, show or hide, duplicate to turn your content into a captivating story line. The new undo feature lets you revert your last action on the storyboard.

Make it your show

You can select one of the show styles or create your own style to create a traditional townhall meeting or a fast paced TikTok video.

A dark and light theme

Nimagna supports a light and a dark theme to suit your preferences:

More remarkable new features

Reduced performance requirements

Especially on laptops, Nimagna was quite demanding on your CPU and GPU. We have invested into lowering these requirements with a special focus on Windows-based laptops that run with only an Intel CPU. Nimagna now runs much smoother on such systems.

New virtual camera for macOS 14/Sonoma

On macOS, Apple has added support for a new virtual camera implementation that also works with Apple’s own applications such as FaceTime, Safari, Quicktime, etc. We have implemented this solution such that Nimagna remains your favorite video presentation solution.

We have also added a new dialog to ensure that the virtual camera is installed correctly, and all required permissions have been granted.

And last but not least

  • We have invested again in our AI-driven show director and camera control to improve the selection of what is being shown and how it is being shown. With that, the quality of the Nimagna show feed has been improved and looks even more professional.

  • In presenter mode, detached preview elements can be pinned to stay on top of other windows such as your video communication tool. This way you always see your current slide or the Nimagna output feed, but you can continue to interact with others.

  • Nimagna detects changed contents of a presentation or any other file that has been added to the storyboard and lets you update the presentation within your storyboard. Similarly, changed presentations are automatically updated when loading a show containing that presentation.

  • The optimized application start-up lets the application start much faster than before.

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