Transform dull video into unforgettable visual experiences 

Self-produce captivating professional video at scale

Using ground-breaking AI-assisted production technology, Nimagna transforms any webcam into a virtual camera crew, director, and producer of a professional video production. Presenters and content become the stars of the show.



Use Nimagna anywhere and anytime

Setup is straightforward:

  1. Download, install and launch the app

  2. Create a Nimagna account and follow the onboarding process

  3. Open a new show, add your presentation and any image or video you'd like

  4. Join an online meeting using any solution like Teams, Zoom, or Meet

  5. Select the “Nimagna Camera” in the respective device settings

An unforgettable visual experience is now ready to go. Just advance the slides and Nimagna takes care of the rest.

Built for everyone

Deliver more impactful video communication regardless of your skill level

Image by Wesley Tingey

Easy adoption

  • No new equipment required

  • Works with one or more web or mobile cameras

  • No new technical skills needed


  • Operates with all major video meeting and virtual event platforms

  • Runs on your laptop or desktop

Works everywhere

  • Present from home, from the office, or from a conference room

  • Extremely simple and fast setup

  • No green-screen needed

Work better together

Empowering effective remote and distribution work


Make a winning pitch

Whether pitching your company to investors or pitching your product to your customers and partners, Nimagna is the perfect solution to convincingly and passionately engage, persuade or explain something without being on-site.

Engage your classes

Say goodbye to fatigue and uninspired audiences. Nimagna drives sustained engagement and effectiveness in virtual trainings sessions and in the virtual classroom. 


Make a big splash

Virtually launch your product like in a big tech keynote. Effortlessly and without budget or crew. From home or from your corporate conference room. Reimagine virtual events with convincing content presentation thereby giving a deeper sense of connection.

Run immersive team meetings

Effortlessly and instantly use Nimagna in all your internal communications. Perform captivating and immersive team meetings and town halls that leave your teams inspired, thrilled and engaged.


Experience Nimagna

Nimagna is currently in beta. Experience the power of immersive video by clicking below.