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Easily create high-quality and memorable video

Take center stage in stunning and dynamic video presentations, online trainings, and webinars.

Impart knowledge and infuse human connection

Educate, collaborate and present effectively, also online. Immerse your audiences into visual experiences that seamlessly integrate presenters and content.


your employees

Provide engaging and memorable training sessions that leave a lasting impact on your participants. Simulate the atmosphere of a physical lecture and create an authentic learning environment. Improve knowledge retention and participant satisfaction.


your audiences

Transform your online presentations and give captivating and memorable project pitches, webinars or tutorials. Present as if on a physical stage and convince or inspire your audiences.


your teams

Perform captivating team meetings, town halls or onboarding sessions that leave your teams and staff engaged. Shape company culture and give a sense of belonging with asynchronous video communication.


your customers

Convincingly pitch your product to your customers or your company to investors with Nimagna. Passionately engage, persuade or explain something without being on-site.

your video

AI-powered multi-camera video production at your fingertips. Simple and fast setup. Hands-free operation. Works with your favorite video platforms.

No setup, no fuzz

Present from home, the office, or a conference room. Simple and fast setup. No tech skills, green-screen or studio needed. Live and hands-free.

Bringing speakers to the virtual stage
A webcam on top of a monitor

AI-powered video

Nimagna's AI Director eliminates the need for complex setups and acts as a virtual producer, director, and cameramen of a professional video production.

Auto multi-cam

Cinematic, AI-powered camera switching with auto-framing, dynamically focusing on the right content. Works with standard webcams and mobile phones.

The Vendbridge team and their setup
AR graphics in Nimagna

Rich visuals

State-of-the-art real-time 3D rendering engine with spectacular branding opportunities. Appear on beautiful 3D stages together with your slides or demo.

Works everywhere

Works with all major video meeting and virtual event platforms, e.g. Teams or Zoom.

Runs on your laptop or desktop, on Windows and on Mac.

Nimagna in a Teams call

Take center stage

Perform and shine. Let Nimagna handle the rest.
Get ready in seconds for your next live show.

your content

Add your presentation, image or video. Select screens or windows to share.

No further preparation necessary.

your show

Join an online meeting using the Nimagna camera, or record your content.


Did we say that it works with all major video tools, like Teams, Zoom, or Meet?

your show

Your backdrop is a three-dimensional virtual stage to perform on.

Choose the stage that fits your story and select your show type.

Experience Nimagna

Experience the power of immersive video yourself.
Start your journey with Nimagna today.

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