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Share smarter, present better: Discover the revolutionary screen sharing of Nimagna

The ability to share knowledge online, showcase products virtually, and engage with audiences around the world is invaluable, making webinars and online presentations essential tools for trainers, sales professionals, and marketers. However, the effectiveness of these virtual events hinges on the seamless delivery of content. Nimagna's screen sharing feature stands out as a revolutionary tool that not only simplifies the preparation process, but also improves delivery and audience engagement.

Streamlined webinar preparation and delivery

Nimagna's storyboard approach to webinar preparation is a game changer. The storyboard – the bottom part of the Nimagna App – is your workspace, where you can drag your content and get an overview of the flow of your presentation. By integrating both slides and screen shares into a single storyboard, you can ensure fewer errors and greater consistency. This approach not only simplifies the delivery process but also improves the quality of your presentation. With everything organized in one place – including other content such as videos – you can focus on the content rather than the logistics. Crafting your presentation in Nimagna feels as natural as building your slide deck. You prepare your slides in Powerpoint as usual. After dragging them onto the Nimagna storyboard, you add your screen shares to the storyboard, mirroring the familiar process of arranging slides. This feature allows you to prepare your entire webinar in advance, giving you the confidence to deliver a more engaging and relaxed presentation.

Enhanced audience engagement

Engagement is at the heart of any presentation and Nimagna's screen sharing feature is designed to keep your audience engaged. Adding multiple screen shares to your presentation in Nimagna is easy and it allows you to add depth and dynamism. Whether you're demonstrating software, analyzing data or showcasing a website, you can create a complex and compelling narrative that resonates with your audience. And you won't waste your audience's valuable time during your webinar fiddling with the right screen share or sharing the wrong page. During your presentation, all your screen shares are just one click away. Easily switching between screen shares in the storyboard helps you answer audience questions and create dialogue, making your presentation more interactive and personal.

One storyboard, unlimited possibilities

Nimagna's storyboard acts as a central hub, allowing you to focus on the narrative and flow of your presentation and leave the technical processes to Nimagna. The entire storyboard can be saved and reused, with your screen shares becoming placeholders for your content. When you reuse your webinar, Nimagna tells you to open the Miro board or your web page and automatically places it in the right place. Slides are also automatically updated when they are changed in Powerpoint. The ability to optimize and repeat your webinars is crucial for professionals who value their time. With Nimagna, you don't have to create your webinars over and over again. Instead, you can refine and deliver your presentations consistently, ensuring that each webinar is as impactful as the last. The result? Smoother and more professional webinars that engage your audience from start to finish.

Humanizing your presentation

Your personal touch makes all the difference, and with Nimagna you can establish your personal brand while connecting with your audience on a deeper level. When you appear on screen alongside your slides or content, it humanizes the presentation. Viewers relate better to a live person and your facial expressions, gestures and body language emphasize key points, making the content more memorable and engaging. By being on the screen with your screen share, you can point to material and keep the audience's attention. This presence not only fosters a sense of connection and trust, but also allows you to showcase your personal brand, enhancing how others perceive you.

A person immersed on Nimagna's virtual stage

Nimagna's screen sharing is more than just a feature; it's a strategic partner in your quest to deliver outstanding webinars and presentations. By focusing on seamless preparation, increased engagement, and personal connection, Nimagna empowers you to create memorable experiences for your audience. Leverage Nimagna's innovative capabilities and take your virtual events to the next level.

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