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Nimagna App update: Screen sharing and automatic camera framing

We're very excited to start the year with a big release! The Nimagna app now includes screen sharing support, essential for training or teaching sessions, and invaluable for team meetings and townhalls. Thanks to tight integration with Nimagna's storyboard, it comes with unique functionality to prepare and add multiple shares before you start your show. We also enhanced Nimagna’s AI-powered director to include automatic framing support for an even easier setup and for unrestricted movement during the show.

Share your screen and windows

With the latest update, we have added screen sharing to Nimagna, one of the top features on our user's wish list. As you might expect it allows to share your screen or application windows with your audience in a live session. However, it comes with a special twist that will make your life so much easier.

Prepared screen shares

Nimagna offers the unique possibility to prepare your screen sharing sessions by adding a separate screen share to the storyboard for each application or window before the show. By positioning them appropriately among your other content the different shares will be shown at the right moment during your show. This makes it super simple to switch between many shares without struggling to select the right window or having to reveal the entire screen, just by following the storyboard timeline.

Automatic framing to move around freely

We enhanced Nimagna’s AI-powered director to include automatic framing support. Nimagna now automatically detects whether you are sitting in front of your computer or standing up to start your presentation. By automatically adapting to your movements, you are free to move around freely and Nimagna will always put you on stage in the best possible perspective.

Storyboard enhancements

With the previous update, we added hiding and removing of slides or other items in the storyboard. Now, we added the possibility to easily duplicate a story item or replace a story item with different content. For presentations, this will automatically replace all slides with the newly selected presentation and keep the storyboard order in place.

If a storyboard source is missing when loading a show, you will also be offered to replace the source with a different one, or to remove it completely. The same happens if you share a window and close it during the show.

New onboarding experience

We greatly simplified the onboarding experience: Besides removing the need to specify the camera framing for each camera, we redesigned the entire onboarding process. We added videos that show how to integrate Nimagna with the preferred online communication tool or help with the first steps using Nimagna. Also, the camera configuration has been adapted such that users only have to configure the camera setup in rare cases where more than two cameras were detected.

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