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Nimagna App update: Show your notes with the Content Camera and get rid of annoying camera switching

Another big update is ready for you!

This new version adds the Content Camera to show anything captured by a camera, like a whiteboard, handwritten notes, or a physical object. Using Nimagna has become much easier now, thanks to the Nimagna taskbar service. Simply select the Nimagna Camera in your favorite video tool as your primary video source and you won't have to change it again. Our new PowerPoint import allows to directly import presentations without requiring any cloud-based conversions. Any sensitive information within the presentation remains secure on your computer. As a special feature preview, we are introducing gesture control: simply forward your slides with a hand motion. Check out our video update on YouTube.

Show anything with the Content Camera

You can use the content camera to show anything that can be captured by a camera. This can be a whiteboard, handwritten notes, any object or similar. Simply use a second camera or your mobile phone[1] to capture your environment and add it to your Nimagna presentation. Imagine giving an online presentation and being able to quickly explain something on a whiteboard. Or you are pitching your product and can show every detail of the product to your customer.

[1] Using a mobile phone as camera requires additional software not provided by Nimagna.

Permanently use Nimagna Camera

We simplified usage of Nimagna a lot with the automatic Nimagna Camera. Select the Nimagna Camera once as your preferred video source in Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. and let Nimagna handle the camera switching.

When Nimagna App is running, the Nimagna Camera automatically switches to the Nimagna output. When closing the Nimagna App, it automatically switches to your default webcam. The taskbar service also allows you to easily switch between your cameras without looking for a nested menu in your video communication software.

Unlimited PowerPoint support

The Nimagna app now directly imports PowerPoint presentations, making it a lot faster and removing the previous size limitation[2]. No more cloud conversion also means added security for your content. No confidential content leaves your computer and it only takes a few seconds to get started. [2] Requires Microsoft Powerpoint to be installed on your computer.

Control your content with gestures

As a special feature preview, we are introducing gesture control. When standing up for a presentation, you can now easily control your storyboard by using intuitive gestures. Simply swipe left and right with your hands to switch back and forth between slides. No clicker or presentation remote is required anymore making the Nimagna app a fully hands-free experience.

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1 Comment

Isac Paulson
Mar 29

Hi, the update is finally out, I've been waiting for this for a long time. Only I have one problem, when I save notes I get an error. I can make a video with Movavi Screen Recorder and send it to you by email or something, can you help me figure it out?

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