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Nimagna App update: Set the stage to deliver an ultimate online performance

As a performer and presenter, your app must adapt to your specific needs. Also, different occasions require tailored environments. In our latest release we have covered these needs allowing you to even more focus on your performance and not the underlying technology.

Let us show you what has been updated:

Choose your stage

We have added a second stage where you can give your presentations, pitches, or trainings. Both stages are fully equipped for one or two cameras to create an engaging and captivating show. Whether you want to sit in front of your computer or stand up and appear to be live on stage, is your choice. To add dynamics, add a second camera to your computer, for example a second webcam or a mobile device. Our Getting Started Guide and FAQs support you to create stunning shows.

Easily fill and adapt your storyboard

To add content to your show, you can either use the big 'Add Content' button or just drag and drop PowerPoint files, images, videos, or PDFs. Once your storyboard is filled, you can rearrange the story items by dragging them around in the board. To hide or remove an item right-click on it.

Focus on your story with the flexible Presenter Mode

When you are joining a video call, switch to Presenter Mode. In this mode, you see your current and next story item beside the output feed preview. Each element in the Presenter Mode can be hidden or popped out, allowing flexible arrangement on your desktop. The elements can also be combined with your video communication software such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.

Create unforgettable visual experiences in video conferencing, streaming and sharing with Nimagna

Join the circle: Download the app for free and self-produce professional video at scale.

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