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How to create impressive online presentations that make an impact

Over the past years, we have seen a lot of online presentations in Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet, etc. Whether it was about internal communications, training, company updates, town halls, sales pitches – everyone has made that experience, sometimes even on a daily basis.

Most online presentations are boring for the audience

A bored person watching an online presentation

And to be honest, during most of these presentations we feel bored or have a challenge to focus on the content. And as the online presenter, compared to real-life presentations, we struggle much more to transport messages, to make our points, to keep the presentation engaging and the audience attentive.

This is usually not due to the presenter’s presentation skills. Because in real-life presentations, with a presenter on a stage sharing her message, the audience is much more attentive and follows the presentations without being distracted so much.

Is it really “Zoom fatigue”? Or, why can we watch TV for hours?

In recent years, the term “Zoom fatigue” has been used to describe that effect during video calls and online presentations. One of the main reasons is that constantly looking at a screen in front of you makes it difficult to keep the focus and attention on a high level. But then, we have been staring at screens in front of us for almost a century, but I have never heard the term “TV fatigue” being mentioned once.

So why do we struggle to remain attentive?

Obviously, we have no problem watching a two-hour movie or full night Netflix series on a screen in front of us, but we have a challenge consuming a half-hour online presentation? This is amazing but when thinking about that observation, the differences between online presentations, real-life presentations and TV shows becomes obvious: The personal experience of the audience is completely different.

The main differences between real-life vs. online presentations

A real-life presentation situation

In real-life presentations, the presenter is free to move around, is using gestures to emphasize important points of the messages, is showing personality and emotions, can get closer to make a point and attract the attention of the audience. On the other side, the audience is completely free to follow the presenter with their gaze or to go back to the presentation slide to read certain points again.

All these possibilities are missing in online presentation: The presenter is stuck sitting in front of a webcam, has no to little opportunity to use gestures or display emotions, and the only variance comes from facial expression and the voice. On the other side, the audience sees a static slide or the presenter’s face or sometimes a combination of both, where the presenters face is overlayed on the sides bottom corner. Because research has shown that body language and non-verbal communication has a tremendous impact on effective communication, we believe that the audience experience must be improved to effectively communicate over video.


Let online presentations feel like real-life presentations using Nimagna

With Nimagna you can resolve all these shortcomings and turn your online presentations into life-like experiences for your audience: Nimagna allows you to do your presentation as if on stage in real-life: Be yourself and tell your story, emphasize key points and support your message with gestures and emotions.

The AI-powered Director drives the show

While you perform, Nimagna’s AI-powered director automatically turns your online presentation into a TV show experience for your audience. The director decides what to your audience should see, for example the slides content, your face, or both.

The dynamic and lively experience lets the audience feel as if on site, focus on the important aspects and get a vivid impression of the presenter. At the same time, Nimagna puts you on a virtual three-dimensional stage and automatically brings the important content into focus: Your slides, your gestures, your personality, just everything that makes an impact.

It is as simple as presenting with PowerPoint

As a presenter, you can entirely focus on the content and your message. Nimagna is a fully autonomous and automatic solution that does not require any interaction from the presenter. Moreover, you are free to move around and even stand up while presenting.

It works with any online communication tool like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, WebEx, etc. and does not require any additional infrastructure or technical skills.

A stunning experience for the audience

This professionally produced video brings your audience closer to you and your key messages. The visual quality and the dynamics of the show have a tremendous impact on how your messages are scoring on the audience.

Standing or sitting – your choice!

In real-life, most people are standing while giving presentations because it changes your general presence and makes your voice clearer. And seeing the presenter’s full body lets the audience also capture a lot of visual clues that are usually missing in traditional online presentations: gestures, mimics, and so on.

Nimagna automatically detects whether you are sitting in front of your webcam or take the opportunity to stand up during your presentations. It automatically puts you into the right perspective matching your current preference. With that, you can even switch between sitting and standing without having to care about changing your technical setup.

The added value of using a second camera

Optionally, you can even add a second webcam to your computer and set up a small TV studio. We suggest having one camera capturing your full body from a distance (usually, 2-3 meters are sufficient) while the other camera focuses on your head or upper body from a slight angle. Don’t worry about having to operate this: Nimagna takes care of selecting the best camera automatically, and you can keep focusing on your story and presentation.

As in every TV show, multiple cameras add a lot of visual dynamics and make your presentation very impressive: By just turning around and facing the second camera, you can make your points in close-up shots that catch the audience’s attention and lets them remember every detail.

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Isac Paulson
30. Okt. 2023
Ever since college I have been making unique presentations with effects. Perhaps soon I will record a video where I will show how to create such presentations. Moreover, the other day I came across this page, where I learned about several ways to record screen on mac
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