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EduMove inspires school leaders with Nimagna

Nimagna was approached by design thinking enthusiasts Nadine Oppenheim and Danielle Rosenbaum from EduMove who wanted to use Nimagna in their 90 minute webinar for principals. Nimagna perfectly fit their needs as they wanted to be able to present in standing to make the content more engaging and they wanted to connect with their audience as quickly as possible.

Nadine stated afterwards:

It was a great experience, presenting felt very natural because I could move freely. The feedback of the audience was positive. The presentation mode entertained them and they felt encouraged to participate.

It has been a pleasure to look over their shoulders as they conducted their lesson.

Behind the scenes 😊, the two ladies transformed their hobby room into a TV studio thanks to Nimagna. The AI-assisted director software played the roles of cameramen, director, and producer. While Nadine and Danielle performed as if on a professional stage, only equipped with a presentation remote, the Nimagna app made sure that the audience saw the perfect shot and experienced a lifelike workshop.

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