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Best online presentation tools 2023

There is a variety of tools and software for online tools that help us to create interesting, captivating, or inspirational online presentations.

And we do it for a variety of reasons, such as distance learning, internal communications, online training, winning pitches, launching a product, virtual classrooms, or team meetings.

A lot of professionals are searching for the best tools that allow to them to make impressive presentations that make an impact, because it is essential to reach the audience and catch their attention.

In this blog post we are comparing the major players of the online presentation tools market that everyone can use.


Recommended online presentation tool: Nimagna


1. Nimagna

Nimagna takes the benefits of all other “slides creator tools” and creates a stunning and captivating video show for your audience. While the slides content is important, Nimagna understands that the audience needs to connect with the presenter and enjoys a lively and dynamic show over flat slides.

Anyone who prefers a real-world stage over a desk chair at home will love Nimagna. The automatic AI driven director makes it so easy to use as any other presentation software. Finally, the unique support for using two cameras is a must have for every presenter that wants to emphasize on key messages and make an impact.


2. Prezi

Prezi is a powerful presentation platform to create and share videos, presentations and infographics. The three products integrate well and offer an impressive collection of templates to get started easily. The tutorials, tips, and blog entries help you to learn creating interactive presentations. In presentations, the open canvas keeps the content connected and lets you zoom into the details of your story. Also, the transitions between presenter and content create a vivid visual experience for the audience, too.


3. Mmhmm

mmhmm is a tool to create presentations that place the presenter on top of the presentation slides and adds capabilities to record, edit and create shared videos that can be accessed later. It is easy to use and has a few remarkable features, too, for example to have multiple presenters joining into the same presentation.


4. Pitch

Pitch offers a platform to collaboratively create and present with your team. It’s easy to use and offers branding packages. The primary use case is the creation of a presentation in a distributed team where most of the features add value.


5. makes it easy to create visually attractive presentations easily. It reduces the creative process to a few minimal decisions and automatically adapts to the content being added. An impressive gallery of presentation templates is the starting point. Afterwards, when filling in content and creating dynamic charts, these templates adapt automatically and remain visually attractive.


6. Microsoft 365: Teams & PowerPoint

The Microsoft 365 suite fulfills all needs for online presentations. PowerPoint is a quasi-standard in business presentations since decades and fulfills almost all feature whishes – which makes it a little difficult to use compared with some of the tools above. Together with Teams, the online communication software, giving presentations to an audience is easy. For non-technical people though, achieving the same results as some of the tools above is difficult.


7. Zoom

Zoom is a very popular video call solution. It does not offer any dedicated presentation solutions and the only way to present online is through screen sharing. With that, you’ll rely on one of the above solutions to create presentations and present them online with Zoom.

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Joe Taleo
23 de abr. de 2023

I've always used Zoom, but recently my friends suggested I try Pitch. I'm not sure if it will be more convenient, but I think it's worth a try.

I didn't find any good videos on how to use Pitch and set up a multi-person conference.

Please make a video about it. As a screen recorder, you can visit this site and learn about the best free screen recorders for your computer.

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