Stunning virtual presentations, effortlessly

A new dimension to transform presentations into unforgettable visual experiences

Image by Markus Spiske

Instantly produce stunning shows

  • Professional media production with AR capabilities

  • No budget, setup or production crew needed

  • Delivering compelling and spectacular TV-like experiences

Autonomous cinematic video

  • AI-assisted automatic single or multi-camera cinematic production

  • Giving participants the perfect presenter and content experience

  • Conveying non-verbal cues & sense of presence

Effortless usage, anytime, anywhere

  • Works at home, in the office, or in a conference room

  • Works with all major video meeting and virtual events platforms

  • No additional equipment or tech skills needed

Instantly upgrade your video expression

Instantly and effortlessly turn every virtual meeting into a stunning, professionally-staged show!



We reimagine how organizations empower their people to communicate, collaborate and innovate

We're redefining digital communication that allows for natural interactions between humans and make virtual encounters feel truly alive and real.

More companies will be able to scale their global businesses and more teams will have joyful and productive collaboration without the need to travel and physically meet.

Professional video, simply made

We help you to be an even better storyteller captivating and inspiring your audience and reaching their hearts

Nimagna makes it easy to produce and stream high-quality, professional media content delivering stunning and immersive TV-like experiences to video conferences and virtual events.


Effortless visual storytelling. Anywhere

Nimagna helps corporations to use digital technologies even for their essential business interactions.


We make your digital interactions with customers, partners or your teams as natural and lifelike as possible. We strive for making them better than in real life.


We believe in a world where you do not have to travel or commute to accomplish business objectives.