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Captivate your
online audiences

AI-powered video production for stunning webinars, video presentations and online trainings

Use our virtual stage to share content and deliver engaging video presentations as powerful as with in-person meetings. Live, hands-free and without editing.

Make an impact
on clients and colleagues

More effective video presentations and webinars that bring human connection and build stronger relationships

Nimagna for teachers, lecturers and trainers

that engage and are memorable

Say goodbye to absent and uninspired audiences. Present as you would in a conference room and the lecture will feel as lifelike and natural as meeting in person. Achieve better knowledge transfer and more satisfaction among your participants. Let's work together to elevate your training programs.

Nimagna for sales professionals

Sales interactions
that resonate and persuade

Say goodbye to dull video calls with your clients. Elevate your sales approach and close more deals. Connect with clients through engaging video content, showcase your personality, and build trust. Leave a lasting impression, whether for a product demo, personalized message, or followup.

Produce extraordinary video

Effortlessly and instantly. Powerful and captivating. Live and without editing. The stage is yours!


Give your online presentations as naturally as meeting in person. Lifelike and immersive.

Be yourself and tell your story. Stand up and move around while presenting. Emphasize key points and support your message with gestures and emotions.


Nimagna's AI-powered director automatically produces high-quality, dynamic video for your audience. Live and completely hands-free.


​Nimagna puts you on a virtual 3D stage along with your content and dynamically shows the essence of your presentation. All while you can concentrate on telling your story.


No fancy equipment or tech skills needed.

No special setup or green screen.

No need for preparation or editing.


Go live in seconds and start grabbing people’s attention. It's as simple as using Powerpoint.

Take center stage

Perform and shine. Let Nimagna handle the rest.Get ready in seconds for your next live show.

your content

Add your presentation, image or video. Select screens or windows to share.

No further preparation necessary.

your show

Join an online meeting using the Nimagna camera, or record your content.


Did we say that it works with all major video tools, like Teams, Zoom, or Meet?

your show

Your backdrop is a three-dimensional virtual stage to perform on.

Choose the stage that fits your story.

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Make a lasting impact from anywhere 

With Nimagna, presenters can create stronger, meaningful connections even when physically apart. Meetings become more productive and stronger relationships are built from anywhere.

Until now, meeting in person was often the only option to make a real impact on clients and colleagues. Nimagna helps you to shift from flights to online.

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