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Vendbridge continues with Nimagna for social media postings production

We are happy to announce that Vendbridge has decided to use the Nimagna App for a whole series of video recordings to convey their key messages on social media.

Yann Wermuth, Partner at Vendbridge, on the decision to move on with Nimagna:

„When we used Nimagna in our webinar, our audience had the feeling of being together with us in one room and it was way easier for us to direct our clients’ attention. It felt much more natural to present with Nimagna than with standard options. We see many more opportunities to use Nimagna in the long run, whether it’s for large scale kick-offs or project pitches.“

Vendbridge helps companies to focus on the winning innovation ideas with their Customer-Focused Innovation approach. We're proud to help the Vendbridge team have more presence in their conversations.

If you want to try Nimagna yourself, you can get a free version on our download page.

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