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The art of presenting in 2023

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What do COVID-19 and Microsoft Teams have in common? Over time, both put a strain on our nerves in the home office. Working within four walls took a toll similar to the phrases "Hey, you're still on mute!" or the annoying team jingles when the (equally annoying) boss calls. But as is often the case in life, the same applies here: For every problem there is a solution. And in this case, it's called Nimagna!

But first, back to Teams: we've been a little hard on it! After all, the tool worked wonders during the pandemic years. Many of us could hardly hold on to our office chairs as the purple all-rounder catapulted us into the digital age. Whether chat or planner function, whether call or meeting tool, Teams has become the best friend of many a work colleague in need of communication in recent years.

«Sweet Teams is made of this…»

However, over time, all the serious plus points were joined by a few downers. This doesn't even mean the occasional embarrassments - when home and work merge into homework - but rather quite pragmatic reasons in communicating with people over a two-dimensional surface. The process of abstraction and classification of audio-visual signals... Ehm, sorry! Let's just say emotion recognition. This is complicated via little square boxes just filled with faces. Body language is cut out of the communication equation, even though it is so relevant and important. And that's not all: Remote meetings are easier and quicker to set up, but they are also as dry as dust. Listeners hang up faster than you hang up annoying poll calls.

«Yes, we are Dreamers!»

How do you manage to keep an online audience engaged? With action and emotions? With a TV studio straight from your pocket? With both, we say, and so does Nimagna. The Swiss startup, which is active in media production, wants to put an end to boring online meetings and revolutionize online presentations, video messaging, town halls and webinars. Quite simply, with just a webcam and without technical knowledge or green screen. But we're not at MediaShop here.

Get an idea of it for yourself and immerse yourself with Stephan Würmlin Stadler (Co-Founder Nimagna) and Lukas Jung (Head of Digital & Content Republica).

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