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Body language in online business communication

On-site presentations have long been a staple for doing business, allowing speakers to engage their audience with powerful body language and visual cues. However, with the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, the challenge of communicating effectively has become increasingly difficult. One major obstacle is the lack of body language that online meetings provide, making it harder for speakers to connect with their audience and convey their message.

But why is body language so important?

Because it provides additional context and meaning to the words being spoken, helps to build trust, reduces misunderstandings, engages the listener, and conveys professionalism. By paying attention to their own body language and the body language of others, individuals can improve their communication skills and build stronger relationships.

That's where Nimagna comes in. Our innovative video storytelling tool allows speakers to conduct online presentations while standing up, providing a more engaging and natural experience for the audience. By allowing the full range of body language, Nimagna helps convey emotion, build rapport and engage the audience throughout the presentation.

Thanks to Nimagna, the closeness to the presenters was almost like in a real presentation.” Frank Hartmann @ Siemens

Using Nimagna is so easy - Nimagna's AI-powered director automatically produces a professional looking video for your audience. Like a TV show. Since everything is fully automatic, you can present as if on a real stage: Focused on your story, fully present and completely hands-free. You connect with your viewers and communicate your message more effectively. The result is a lively, dynamic and engaging experience for your audience.

With Nimagna, our audience had the feeling of being together with us in one room and it was way easier for us to direct our clients’ attention. Beat Walther @ Vendbridge

In today's fast-paced business world, getting your message across effectively is more important than ever. With Nimagna speakers can overcome the challenges of virtual communication and deliver impactful presentations that resonate with their audience. Whether you're presenting to clients, employees, colleagues or investors: With Nimagna, you can convey your message confidently and clearly, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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