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The unspoken power of nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication is the silent orchestra of our social interactions, playing a pivotal role in conveying emotions, intentions, and messages without saying a single word. It includes facial expressions, body language, gestures, posture, eye contact, and even the use of space!


In today's digital-first world, the classic video meeting platforms have muted this critical aspect of human connection, limiting you to just a face and shoulders. This can lead to misunderstandings, a lack of connection, and ultimately, less effective communication and lower attention times.


Let's explore together how Nimagna not only bridges the nonverbal gap in digital communication but also transforms it into an engaging and enhanced experience.

A girl wearing multiple emotions

Nonverbal communication facts

How Nimagna solves them


Dynamic expressions lead to better recall

Studies show that audiences are more likely to remember content when it’s presented with expressive nonverbal cues.



Nimagna ensures that your gestures and expressions are seen just as vividly as if you were there in person.


The power of gestures

Gestures can amplify the impact of your message. For example, using hand movements can improve the listener's comprehension.



Nimagna's platform enhances virtual interactions by capturing your full range of gestures, enabling you to step back for a wider view or zoom in for detail, ensuring your nonverbal communication remains clear and engaging.


Seeing is believing

Viewers are more likely to trust speakers whose words are congruent with their body language.



Nimagna's multi-camera setup means your body language is visible and aligned with your verbal message, enhancing credibility.


Body language matters

Research studies suggest that 93% of communication is nonverbal making it

a multifaceted phenomenon where nonverbal cues play a significant role.




Recognizing that communication is also expressed through body language, Nimagna's platform is designed to clearly capture and convey your physical expressions in a digital space, enhancing the way we connect and communicate online.




When we interact with others, we often subconsciously imitate their movements and expressions. This act of mirroring can build a sense of trust and connection. ......................................................


Nimagna's immersive platform facilitates this mirroring effect, even during virtual meetings, enhancing the natural human connection by allowing us to see and replicate the full range of each other's gestures.


Engagement through movement

Human brains are wired to respond to movement, keeping us engaged and attentive.



With Nimagna's AI Director framing you dynamically, your natural movements become an engagement tool, keeping your audience attentive.



Spatial use

How you use space can communicate power and authority or openness and inclusivity.



Nimagna's digital stage allows you to move freely, utilizing space effectively to convey confidence and approachability.


It's time we recognize that while words connect minds, nonverbal communication connects humans. As we adapt to an increasingly virtual world, we desperately need solutions that bridge this nonverbal gap, bringing us closer to the full spectrum of human expression and communication.


Wouldn’t it be revolutionary to have a platform that not only facilitates our meetings but also captures the essence of our unspoken language?


With Nimagna, slides become dynamic, moving elements interacting with your narrative. Strategic zooms, multiple camera angles, and seamless transitions make each session more than a meeting: They become a performance. Nimagna captures every move, making your presentation impactful and allowing your nonverbal cues to resonate with your audience.


The result? A presenter who's not just seen, but truly felt.

Audiences become participants in a captivating experience where engagement soars, and messages are not just heard, but deeply understood. Step into the future with Nimagna— It’s time to shine.


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