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Stunning video experiences, effortlessly

A new dimension to transform dull video into unforgettable visual experiences

Image by Markus Spiske

Professional quality video, instantly

Nimagna reproduces the advanced techniques used by professional video production teams to instantly add depth, dynamism and emotion to any presentation. Online video is transformed from static faces in boxes to immersive visual experiences as seen in professionally staged TV shows or meetings. 

Connect with audiences without distraction 

Engaging and connecting with an audience personally is key for successful communication. That’s why Nimagna works autonomously, seamlessly integrating presenter and content without the need for complicated, hands-on adjustments. Presenters are freed to move, gesture and speak naturally to connect to their audience without distraction.

Effortless usage for anyone, anytime, anywhere 

For presenters of all skill levels, Nimagna makes stunning immersive video a reality. Nimagna eliminates the need for lengthy preparation, expensive crews, new hardware, or specialized technical skills for high impact video communication. And because Nimagna works seamlessly with major video platforms, professional video is ready for anyone, anytime, anywhere.  

Make a lasting impact from anywhere 

With Nimagna, presenters can create stronger, meaningful connections even when physically apart. Meetings become more productive and
stronger relationships are built from anywhere.

Until now, meeting in person was often the only option to make a real impact on clients and colleagues. Nimagna helps you to shift from flights to online.

Bring life to any virtual meeting

Make a winning pitch 

To standout with a pitch to investors, or a product presentation to customers, Nimagna is the perfect solution to elevate your presence to connect, engage, and persuade from anywhere.

Launch big 

Generate product launch excitement with the professional quality presentation it deserves. Reimagine virtual events with convincing, memorable content presentations.

Connect with and inspire teams 

Effortlessly and instantly use Nimagna in internal communications. Perform captivating and immersive team meetings and town halls that leave teams inspired, impressed, and engaged. 

Give lessons that engage 

Say goodbye to absent and uninspired audiences. Nimagna drives sustained engagement and effectiveness in virtual training sessions and classrooms.


Professional video, simply made

We help you to be an even better storyteller, captivating and inspiring your audience and reaching their hearts.

Nimagna makes it easy to produce and stream high-quality, professional media content delivering stunning and immersive TV-like experiences to video conferences, virtual events or video messages.



We reimagine how organizations empower their people to communicate, collaborate and innovate

Too often, digital communication feels artificial, static & two-dimensional.


At Nimagna, we invent technology to enhance how we interact with each other by capturing more of what makes us human. By bringing more depth, dynamism, and interaction to virtual meetings, digital communication can enable of real human connection.  

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